Dead Man’s Party Antimacassars

I received the featured image in my email…

I received the featured image in my email yesterday. I was contracted to make these back in 2015. They took seven months to crochet at a cost of USD $500.00.

Unfortunately, I did not collect my full payment. I discounted them $100.00 due to discoloration of older thread I started with. Bleach washing did not rectify the problem. Then I discounted another $100.00 just to get them to the customer and out of my house. I forgot to mention that they were not completely paid for until about last month, May 2017.

I love how they look on that chair!


Dead Man’s Party Antimacassars: Full Set

Dead Man's Party Antimacassars: Full Set
©A Hooker’s World

On da Hook: March 17, 2015
Off da Hook: July 6, 2015
Pattern: Skeleton Antimacassar by Regina Rioux
Yarn: Department 71 Perle Cotton Size 8 (Fiber Content: 100% Cotton; Yarn Color: [White], Yarn Weight: < 0, 10-Count Crochet Thread)
Hook: US 8 – 1.5 mm

I finally finished and here is the full set that I was commissioned to make. The duration above represents the project time from beginning to end. Each piece can be viewed in its own post: Skull, Rib Cage, Right Humerus, Left Humerus, Right Ulna, Left Ulna, Right Hand, Left Hand. I will be throwing in the extra, practice skull also.

Critically speaking, my tension changed throughout the project, evidenced by a longer right side than left side. Additionally, I wish the side were more straight and there was less rippling on the edges. However, they are hand made and anything handmade is not going to be perfect. Besides, no human body is perfect either.

To reiterate, the project name – Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo – was a selection from my music library.

And for those word/history buffs, Macassar oil was an unguent for the hair commonly used in the early 19th century. An antimacassar was a small cloth placed over the backs or arms of chairs, or the head or cushions of a sofa, to prevent soiling of the permanent fabric.

Where I Sit…

Patons Brilliant
©A Hooker’s World

…because standing is just not advisable right now, considering my current health status.

I finally have the Dead Man’s Party Antimacassars in the wash; I pray the skull comes out white! Aside from that, I only need to iron them and then I can notify the client they are completely done. Once I have ironed them, I will post a picture of all of them laid out on my work table.

While I was in the Venice Family Clinic last Friday, I completed Get The Balance Right Shawl. Before heading over to the Marina del Rey Hospital Emergency Room, I had mom stop by the house so I could pick up another project to work on, presuming I would end up hospitalized. I could not focus enough on my queue of projects to make a wise selection, based on pattern complexity, so I grabbed some stash yarn – Patons Brilliant – and figured I could improvise something. Sure enough, I was transferred to Southern California Hospital, Culver City, where I remained until Tuesday.

While my current project Bad Blood Cowl – aptly named from the song Bad Blood by Neil Sedaka – is a simple 2 x 2 rib, I am tiring of the monotony of the stitch. I also notice two knitting errors, which really bug the hell out of me, but won’t make much of a difference if you are viewing the project on the red carpet from the bleachers of the Academy Awards. Aside from the monotony, I am almost done, as I am on the second to last color strip; to be exact: 20 rows of 432 stitches to go plus bind off. Aiyaa!

While I was in the hospital, a friend came to visit and she was working on an afghan that was simply awesome! It was interlock crochet, which I’d seen before. That is something I would love to get into! She specified the pattern as Giraffe, but I have been unsuccessful at finding it yet. I think I might buy a book so I can learn the technique and create my own patterns.