Union Of The Snake: Bind Off

Union of the Snake


Union of the Snake by Duran Duran

Based on the tube shape of the project/yarn and the fact that I joined it to prevent frayed ends.

Union of the Snake

Union Of The Snake Cowl

Rosa had won – again – another raffle at the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers guild meeting this month. I was surprised when she gifted the basket to me. Inside was a ball of rainbow yarn(?) that caught my eye. I pulled it out and examined it. I was not sure if this was a cable yarn or a felted project.

My first thought was to inert my hand through the center and open it up. That made such a difference, but eventually, the open reverted back to a close, though not as much.

I then asked mom to sew the frayed ends together, making a cowl. She took too long. I took the scarf back and tried to bind off the ends for neater seaming. OMG! Bad idea. A project the originally took fifteen minutes was not entering the fourth hour. After four hours of unravelling, I discovered that it was actually four strands of yarn knitted together, though for which final end – yarn or project – I could not tell you. Maybe I might find out at the next guild meeting.

After reknitting only one end. I did not have enough yarn to bind off. Went into my stash and found some mohair. Wet felted to join and continued with bind off. My mohair was not as fine as what had been used and I was not liking the bind off edge. Undid the bind off.

I finally took the ending tails and sewed a seam with them. However, by this time with so much working of the yarn, I had stretched out the end and it did not match the opposite end. I stopped caring, making the decision that this would be mine because despite charity crochet/knitting, I would never donate something I would not wear myself. Hey! Did I just contradict myself?

I would have preferred a wider knit, which leads me to believe it was a cable yarn.

Oh wait! I forgot to mention my final brilliant idea: I decided to turn the tube inside out. If this piece had been shorter, it might have been easier and taken less time. Add two more hours.

Finally, my tv table is a disaster area from all the tools I used to complete something that should have been so easy: set of straight needles because I forgot this was knit in the round; two sets of circular for knitting in the round, tapestry needle for undoing bind off and seaming, scissors for trimming frays. I dread putting everything back in it’s place.

And then there is Mojo, who craves so much attention at the wrong times.

AGH! So glad to be done.

Dimensions: 2-4-inch diameter x 3 inch width



Don’t know if it was a cable yarn or a felted knitted project – accidental or not. The fact that it felted leads me to believe it was natural fibers, and because of this I did perform a burn test. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter, I am keeping it!

Union of the Snake

2018 Los Angeles Yarn Crawl

2018 Los Angeles Yarn Crawl

I almost did not get to go because CSNanaCat is going out of town for the entire month of May and she has been preoccupied with cleaning and packing. Luckily, I knew that KTia had plans to go and had left her a message inquiring about accompaniment. She returned my call and we made plans to go on Sunday.

My Budget: USD $100.00

Stop 1: Alamitos Bay Yarn Company

I love going there, though I’ve never bought anything. I never seem to “find” anything that makes me impulsive enough to spend the money. The one time I almost bought something, I had already spent my allocated money. Today nothing grabbed me. I was thinking distance may be another deterrent…hm?

Stop 2: Jennifer Knits and Needlepoint

2018 Los Angeles Yarn Crawl Gift To Me
2018 Los Angeles Yarn Crawl Gift To Me

I love this store, having worked there before as a crochet instructor. Now that the clutter aspect has been removed the store has a very open atmosphere with lots of lovely light. After four years of crawling, I finally consulted my patterns before making any purchases. The shawl I am eager to make most Рright now Рis the Meadow Grass shawl by Heidi Alander. I had the assistance of a friendly and knowledgeable associate that pointed out to me their prepackaged kits: their yarn crawl special. Each kit contained two skeins of Baah La Jolla and a coupon for the Local Yarn Shawl pattern by Casapinka, as a free gift from the store. This made color choice easier. If you know me, the brighter the better and the minute I saw the orange (Sunshine) and yellow (Gold Rush), I thought sun. Nothing gets much brighter than that! The bonus was Baah! yarn: a yarn I have coveted since I met it when I worked at The Local Yarn Store Which Must Not Be Named.

USD $65.00

Stop 3: L’Atelier

Mother's Day Gift Option 1
Mother’s Day Gift Option 1

We ran into Ms. Sara from the El Segundo Sliptstitchers guild, knitting with here new yarn on a new project. I loved the braids of 17 skeins/hanks that were hanging from the wall and discovered that it was not a new display strategy, but a project to make an afghan. Nice! I also discovered this little piece and thought of mother. I know mom likes pink, but they had zero skeins. I was told it could be ordered and discovered today that it comes in 50g balls (minimal yardage)/USD $30.00. That means the piece pictures is USD $90.00! I don’t think so, as mom want’s a longer piece, as seen at Twist. Well, now that I think

Stop 4: Twist Yarns of Intrigue

Here I saw my favorite piece of the day. Unfortunately, having already bought some yarn, I could not justify the USD $170.00 “Twist” yarn expense to make it. The color – pink, mom’s favorite – got me thinking about her. I could justify the expense of some cheaper yarn to make her something.

Mother's Day Gift To Me
Mother’s Day Gift To Me

I love “Twist” yarns and colors! I understand they are “hand-dyed.” While I love them, I am a price-based person and cannot justify the additional cost just for color unless the color was a “custom request.” Having typed that, please be advised that I am still rationalizing the cost of yarn to make that, now elevated to – cue the choir of angels – shroud! ūüėÄ

Mother's Day Gift
Mother’s Day Gift

I had such a pleasant time talking with – again, can’t remember her name – that I found a cheaper option which would allow me to at least pay homage to such beautiful yarns. I had seen the Malabrigo¬†Sock colorway Aniversario at Jennifer Knits and Needlepoint, but didn’t buy, wanting to space out my purchases for best browsing/pricing options. Even cheaper than Baah!, I was able to double my goodness by adding Light of Love. I think my choices may be to bright for mom’s taste, we might have to go back so she can see what else is available.

USD $40.00

Stop 5: Needlepoints West

2018 Yarn Crawl Over Budget
2018 Yarn Crawl Goodies

OMG! Guess who I saw here? Carina! ‚̧ And, of course, Carrie! ‚̧ It felt like a reunion with Kathleen present, as well. And lest I forget, Billy came into the store later.

I also got to meet Alexandra of Alexandra’s Crafts Yarn. I had purchased the Black Butte to finish Over The Rainbow. The more I think about it, I would like to frog the Olive lace and re-knit with a celery or dark silver color. We talked of yaks and taboo.

I also met Miss Purl, who made that wonderful little fish tin, pictured above. I was searching for a chihuahua with no luck. My crawl partner was nice enough to trade with me, as this was the only other ideal choice. Later, I learned that if I sent her a picture, she would make custom tins. Aha! Great gift idea, right? Sh!

Because I did not have cash and had to use plastic, I had to throw in some other items – Cascade Nikki, color #32404; Euro Night, color #201; Sirdar Dune, color unknown – to meet the limit. I was having a blue and brown moment. ūüôā I also found another interesting shawl pattern that I may actually purchase. :O

USD $25.00

Stop 6: The Local Yarn Shop Which Must Not Be Named

Kathleen wanted to go, but I think she was hesitant, concerning my feelings. I told her straight out that I would not mind if she wanted to go. I could wait in the car and knit, as I always have a project with me. In the end, she changed her mind.

Money Spent: USD $130.00

Spirit In The Sky Shawlette

Click a thumbnail for enlargement/slide show…

Cast On: September 25, 2015
Cast Off: October 15, 2015
Pattern: Terribly Simple by Caitlin ffrench
Yarn: Newton’s Yarn Country Ribbon Spirits (Fiber Content: 100% Polyester; Yarn Color: Not Indicated [Multicolor]; Yarn Weight: 4, Worsted)
Needle: US 8
Dimensions: 58 (W) x 14 (H)
Price: USD $134.00

I finally finished this project after number do-overs:

Do-over 2: Got my replacement interchangeable needle cord and cast on fewer stitches for a knit back and forth cowl on a 16-inch cord versus the 40-inch I was using.

Do-over 3: The 16-inch cord was too small. Re cast on a 20-inch cord; still too small.

Do-over 4: Cast on 24 stitches using a provision cast on, figuring I could Kitchener in the end.

Do-over 5: Cast on 25 stitches, doubling first knit row because yarn I am using is actually a slick ribbon and I thought it could be eaiser to just knit the end in from the beginning. Started in garter, but think I want something more different.

Do-over 6: Going to cast on 50 stitches for a wider project, and because I have two skeins.

After do-over 6, I finally found a simple crescent-shaped shawl pattern and set forth. The pattern was “terribly simple,” but I am not crazy about the hump at the beginning of my shawl. I will send a pic to the designer, inquiring why I got a hump, but I am already thinking that the different yarn weights may be the primary reason; because of the different yarn weight the edge is not as nice as I would like it to have been. Overall, I am loving the colors in this shawlette.

I named this shawl – Spirit In The Sky by Norman Greenbaum – after the name of the yarn (ribbon). Of course, I probably complicated knitting with this ribbon by cutting the knot connections and trying to make the shawl without knots. After the first skein, and because I hate sewing in knitting ends, I just left the knots. The ribbon portion (pale yellow) was horrendous for unraveling, requiring a knot at each cut end to prevent unraveling.

I think I am going to try and crochet a similar shawl using the same pattern; of course, converting the knit stitches to crochet stitches. However I might wait until I hear from the designer as to why my hump is so pronounced before beginning. Actually, looking at the flat picture, I think if I increased the number of edge stitches, it might push the curl up more…I think that’s the secret.

Ain’t Misbehavin’ Scarf

Ain't Misbehavin' Scarf
¬©A Hooker’s World

A friend of mine has been taking a knitting/crochet group into an assisted-living facility where her mom resides. I volunteered to support her group and this Thursday will be my first time attending. You know how I love old ladies! Anyway, the last time I saw my friend in the store she was buying yarn for the group. I commented to my friend that it was a nice gesture, and to save her some money, I would go through my mountainous stash and donate some of my yarn.

So the other day, I began stash-diving, beginning with multicolored yarns because I had been informed that was what the old ladies liked best. Of course, once I started seeing all the beautiful colors, I could not decided what to donate. My final algorithm was to donate single unlabeled skeins so I would not have the additional challenge of color matching or trying to find the same yarn.

I was initially going to donate the Universal Classic Worsted Tapestry (Fiber Content: 80% Acrylic, 20% Wool; Yarn Color: 7005 Party Time; Yarn Weight: 4, Worsted), but thought because it was various balls tied together, it would not be optimal for the old ladies, so I ended up crocheting the scarf above, which will be donated to Handmade Especially For You, the charity at the El Segundo Sliptstitchers knitting guild – I’ll never understand why it’s abbreviated ESSS versus ESS. Anyway, I used a US 8/H – 5 mm hook and the Diagonal Box Stitch to make this scarf. I could have sworn there was a nicer way to decrease this stitch without having to chain or slipstitch, but I could not find those instructions. If you know how, please send me an email.

Spill The Wine Bag

Dimensions: 16 inches tall & 8 inch square opening

This is my template for another shawl design I will be working on next and an excellent way to use up your scrap yarn. I was thinking of selling this at my trunk show, but I really like it! I may use it until such time I can make a nice one for myself. My first idea is to make it out of the Romney wool in the store and felt it! At first I was just interested in the design, considering it as a market bag. The more I look at it the more uses I can think up: a perfect project bag for that project on straight needles, or a vodka carrier – because I don’t go near wine. The top presented a problem for me, but a the idea finally came to me this morning and I finished it off.

The scrap yarn used ranges from cotton to acrylic; only two skeins still had the label: Red Heart Super Saver (Fiber Content: 100% Acrylic, Yarn Color: 0312 Black; Yarn Weight: 4, Worsted) and Caron Simply Soft (Fiber Content: 100% Acrylic; Yarn Color: 9727 Black; Yarn Worsted). Both labeled yarns were double stranded to reinforce the seams.

I think I may carry it around for a while and if it generates enough interest, I may write up a pattern. I was searching for a button I had purchased previously for bag closer; I could not find the one I was looking for, but found this orange ceramic button that I think was a gift from Pandorra7. For that reason alone, I should keep the bag for personal use as a project bag.

The name – Spill The Wine by War – was a random selection from my music library. It was not until the name came up that I thought of using the bag as a wine carrier, which is ideal for the inverted method of toting your wine around, and keeping the cork moist.

Baby Puff Afghan


On da Hook: May 20, 2012
Off da Hook: June 7, 2012
Dimensions: 40 x 43 inches (approximate measurement)
Recipe: Baby Puff Afghan by Hooker Leo
Hook: US J/10 Р6.0 mm
Yarn A: Unknown; Color: White
Yarn B: Pop’n Yarn; Yarn Color:¬†107 Primrose
Yarn C: Red Heart Classic; Yarn Color: 597 Light Lavender
Yarn D: Red Heart Classic; Yarn Color: 818 Blue Jewel
Yard E: Red Heart Classic; Yarn Color: 246 Sea Coral
Yarn G: Red Heart Super Saver; Yarn Color: Petal Pink
Yarn H: Unknown; Color: Pink
Yarn I: Unknown; Color: Yellow
Yarn J: Red Heart Super Saver; Yarn Color:  Frosty Green
Yarn K: Lion Brand Sayelle; Yarn Color:  184 Peach

Afghan Price: USD $50.00 + applicable shipping

Formerly known as the Weird Science Afghan because it was made from scrap yarn and because it was the reincarnation of the blanket in the third picture. Cindy had received the blanket from someone as a donation to the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers¬†baby shower if someone could fix it (indicated by arrows in picture 3)¬†‚ÄĒ or is it El Segundo Sliptstitchers? Question submitted to the guild. I told Cindy that I loved the stitch and would try to deconstruct it and recreate the afghan. Someone indicated that Victoria could figure it out. Sure enough, she got it during the meeting and showed me. I fine tuned the first row and was able to create a straight edge around the perimeter of the afghan; the original had an uneven border.

If you’d like to make this lovely textured baby afghan, you will find the pattern below or you can download a pdf. I used about 7 ounces of each color pictured, for a total of about 49 ounces. While the pattern is free; the afghan is not. Please email your price inquiries.


Loosely chain multiples of 3 + 1 to desired width

Row 1
3 Dc in fourth chain from hook, * skip two chs and sc in third, chain two [1 dc], 3dc in same sc. * Repeat from * to * to last ch, sc, ch2, turn.

Row 2
3Dc in sc, * sc in next sc, ch 2, 3 dc in same sc. * Repeat from * to * to end. sc in top of fourth dc [sc + 2ch].

Repeat Row 2 to desired length. If continuing with edging, turn.

EDGING: Because of last turn you are now working on the reverse side.

Row 1

Last Row Edge
3Sc in final sc. * Skip dc, sc in next dc, skip dc, sc in between last 2 dc [sc +2 ch and dc], dc in next sc * Repeat from * to * to last sc. Skip next dc, sc in next dc, skip next dc.

Side 1
3 Sc in dc space [sc +2ch]. * sc in next sc, 2 sc in next dc space. * Repeat from * to last dc space.

Beginning Row Edge
3 Sc in sc. 2 Sc in dc space [sc +2ch], * sc in sc, 2 sc in dc space. * Repeat from * to last dc space.

Side 2
3 Sc in sc.  2 Sc in dc space [sc +2ch], * sc in sc, 2 sc in dc space. * Repeat from * to last dc space.

Row 2

 Crab stitch in every sc.

2014-04-21 Addendum: View updated post: Baby Puff Afghan: New & Improved for updated recipe, which has been reviewed and updated!