Raindrops: Off da Hook

“Oh no they can’t be teardrops for a man ain’t supposed to cry…

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Stairway To Heaven: Step 1

Stairway To Heaven: Step 1

Stairway To Heaven was on when I finally decided to give up looking for a specific yarn I had stashed away for knitting, and picked up these bags of sparkledy yarns. Not many patterns out there. Found a scarf pattern that is beautifully blended in a chevron stitch. Mine won’t blend as beautifully, but it sure will sparkle!

Bad news received after reading a review of Darella (discontinued), indicating: “The metallic yarn was truly horrible to use, both in the embroidery and in the crochet.” I am hoping by knitting, I might be serving myself, however, I am already pulling strands, though tolerable at the moment.