The Things We Do For Love

“Too many lonely souls have drifted out to sea…

The Name

The Things We Do For Love by 10cc

Because I love my puppy dog.

The Pet Pad

Dimensions: 19 x 15 inches
Destination: PAWS/LA

Instead of working in-the-round, as in the all the previous pet pads I made, I decided to work in turning rows with – at first – the trinity stitch, but I screwed up the stitch with all the yarns I was triple and quadruple plying.

Then I switched to crochet seed stitch – better until it came to the furry/feathery yarns, where I increased the stitch count by twelve stitches. I kind of works by compensating for the thinner yarn.

That’s what happens when one uses different weight yarns. I am happy to finally have finished this pad, as it has been sitting next to my recliner until I was motivated enough to go through my stash and find my bulky weight scraps.

The Things We Do For Love
The Things We Do For Love

My goal is to donate twelve pads to PAWS/LA. I think The Things We Do For Love makes the count eleven. I have already started the twelfth: The Twelve Days of Christmas, in crochet moss stitch, again in bulky weight yarns, which remains incomplete.

When You Really Love Someone
When You Really Love Someone


There But For The Grace Of God

The Name

There But For The Grace Of God by Machine

One of my all-time favorites!

The Skully

Size: Adult, 22-24 circumference
Pattern: Simple Seed Stitch Beanie by Kirsten Holloway
Destination: Charity

Pattern easy to follow. Advanced techniques. Beautiful hat. Supposed to give mine to charity, but it fits so snug and looks so handsome and…

The Yarn

Unknown Green/Blue
Color: Faraway Dreams*; Content: Acrylic**; Weight: 4, Worsted***

Even without a label, some yarns you just know. This time I am pretty sure this yarn was Caron Simply Soft; I just did not want to call it because I don’t know if, by now, there may be a copy cat out there.

* Per Hooker Leo
** Presumed by Hooker Leo
*** Estimated by Hooker Leo

There But For The Grace Of God


I Say A Little Prayer Shawl

On da Hook: December 23, 2016
Off da Hook: January 15, 2017
Pattern: I Say A Little Prayer Shawl by Hooker Leo
Yarn: Newton’s Yarn Country Nevada (Fiber Content: 100% Rayon; Yarn Weight: 3, DK)
Hook: US F – 3.75 mm
Dimensions: 56 (W) x 19.5 (D) unblocked; 68 (W) x 23 (D) blocked

The project name – I Say A Little Prayer by Dionne Warwick – represents my hope that the shawl shape would be what I hoped it would be, and thankfully, I was successful.

This is the first time I have used the Moss/Granite Stitch and the use with this yarn created a fascinating southwestern feel to the woven-like fabric. I tried to use complementary colors from the primary gradient, and think I could have done better, but am happy with my results. My stripes consist of two rows and occur every twelfth row.

Bonus: Discovered that rayon can be blocked!

I Say A Little Prayer Shawl

I Say A Little Prayer Shawl

Project Change

I blame my meds and poor lighting for the constant fuck ups on International Bright Young Thing. It is simple knit: only garter, six increases every other row, three on each side. Yet I keep getting uneven stitch counts on either side. Aiyaa!

Maybe it’s time to do some crochet on I Say A Little Prayer. I am using – what I have come discover is called – Moss Stitch, also known as Granite Stitch, and I am loving it. It reminds me of knitted linen stitch, but much faster. By chance I happened to check inside the cone to see if I had stored the yarn label in there..voila! The yarn I am using is Newton’s Yarn Country Nevada (Fiber Content: 100% Rayon).

I Say A Little Prayer
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