Mr. Melody

“you’re on my mind constantly, and I think of you the whole day long…

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Don’t Stop Me Now

The Name

Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Happened to be playing when I started recording this skully.

The Skully

Actual Dimensions: 7 (W) x 6 (H) inches
Pattern Dimensions: 15-16” (C); 6” (H), 3-6 Months
Pattern: Emma Beanie by Ashley Leither

I got the height right if I was supposed to measure from the top of the head versus the last increase round, but the circumference I ended up with should fit a tween (11-12 year old). Not a fan of her patterns using a J-hook with worsted weight. Pattern is well written, minus measuring definitions.

The Yarn

Caron Simply Soft*
Color: Ocean; Content: 100% Acrylic; Weight: 4, Worsted

Unknown Turquoise
Color: Succulent**; Content: 100% Acrylic; Weight: 4, Worsted

* Presumption based on Hooker Leo experience
** Named by Hooker Leo due to missing label


There But For The Grace Of God

The Name

There But For The Grace Of God by Machine

One of my all-time favorites!

The Skully

Size: Adult, 22-24 circumference
Pattern: Simple Seed Stitch Beanie by Kirsten Holloway
Destination: Charity

Pattern easy to follow. Advanced techniques. Beautiful hat. Supposed to give mine to charity, but it fits so snug and looks so handsome and…

The Yarn

Unknown Green/Blue
Color: Faraway Dreams*; Content: Acrylic**; Weight: 4, Worsted***

Even without a label, some yarns you just know. This time I am pretty sure this yarn was Caron Simply Soft; I just did not want to call it because I don’t know if, by now, there may be a copy cat out there.

* Per Hooker Leo
** Presumed by Hooker Leo
*** Estimated by Hooker Leo

There But For The Grace Of God


Free Nelson Mandela

The Name

Free Nelson Mandela by The Specials

Ah! The good ol’ days. The colors of the hat forced me to find a name that would do the hat justice. The colors of this skully remind me of Africa. A little research revealed these are the colors of pan-African flag and Black liberation. Who better to represent Black liberation than Nelson?

The Hat

Dimensions: Child, 18-20 inch circumference

Freelanced down to final increase, then looked up general size guidelines to determine amount let to be crocheted.

Double crochet rounds in three colors.

The Yarns

Unknown Black
Color: Obelisk*; Content: Acrylic**; Weight: 4, Worsted***

Unknown Green 1
Color: Luxuriant Bounty*; Content: Acrylic**; Weight: 4, Worsted***

Unknown Green 2
Color: Liberty*; Content: Acrylic**; Weight: 4, Worsted***

Unknown Red
Color: Sanctity*; Content: Acrylic**; Weight: 4, Worsted***


* Color Name by Hooker Leo
** Presumed yarn content
*** Estimated by Hooker Leo


Rata De Dos Patas

The Name

Rata De Dos Patas by Paquita la del Barrio

Based on the color selection, this hat is the “green” gansta hood – in other words – una rata de dos patas! Honestly, it was the a random title selection from my music library.

The Slouch Skully

Dimensions: 11.5 (D) x 12 (H) inches

The Pattern

Pattern: Modified Pokéball Slouch Beanie by Black Cat Crochet


  • 12-dc circle
  • basic dc circle pattern for 20 rows
  • row 22: dec 1 pattern row (60)
  • row 23: sc

Ugh, I’m tired of trying on hats >ha ha<

The decrease was for increased fit. Suggestion: If you are using a striping effect, decrease on dark color.

I apologize for the photography. I got paranoid, as my mugshots stared back at me from my photo library…then I thought, I already did model several others…and if the government wanted too, they could UNDO the filter and figure out who I am! ha ha Still…not taking chances, but trust me it looks fresh on this head…very skater-ish…oh, and I just found a skater beanie pattern I’ve been wanting to try.

The Yarns

Unknown Black

Color: Gangsta*; Content: Acrylic**; Weight: 4, Worsted***

Unknown Green

Color: Scarecrow*; Content: Acrylic**; Weight: 4, Worsted***

I am presuming yarn contents and weights; the color names were what came to mind as I was constructing it.

Personally, I am looking for more bulk around the melon. Perhaps more like a tam? I love the slouch on this one – don’t remember if I styled it for photos or natural slouch. I think I might have held on to the brim, swung my head back, and maybe smooshed it down with my hand?

Slouched portion – styled, or not – looks gnomish to me…I am digging it!

* color names are whims of Hooker Leo
** presumed content; no burn test
*** presumed weights