Smile On

The Name

Smile On by Deee-Lite

Nothing makes me smile more than Mojo, my pet dog.

The Pet Pad

In keeping with my promise to Omar, PAWS/LA for their financial assistance with Mojo’s dental work, I decided to convert der Kommissar and Someday afghan squares into another pet pad.

Getting my stuff ready for guild this month – to donate to charity – I found all my pet pads and decided to take them to PAWS/LA myself when I get a dozen or more.

The Yarn

Mixed fibers were used, yarn scraps.

Smile On


The Name

Someday by The Strokes

Random selection from my music library. Actually, being a fan of connectivity, I could say that “someday” I was going to remember my in-the-round skills and yesterday was the day.


The Square

Another twelve-inch square for one of the El Segundo Slip Stitchers’ charities.

The Yarn

Mixed unknown fibers.

Designer Notes

This is the second square using (single crochet, chain, single crochet) in the corners versus 3 single crochet and the former alleviates fabric bias pinching. It is a bit trickier keeping stitch count even, but I have accommodated to the point where stitch markers are no longer needed. My project bag – accidentally double-named – is going to look FABULOUS!