One In Ten


One In Ten by 808 State

The association is between the name of the song: one in ten; and the name of this pattern: ten-stitch.


Dimensions: 28-inch Squared

I was looking around my room for something new to start knitting, having finished Stairway To Heaven. I came across a blue of purple/blue scraps, which led me to thinking about One In Ten, another project I had recently uncovered from April 2016. To free up a project bag, I pulled it out and resumed.

At first it took me a second to remember the correct connection scheme I had chosen. Once that came back, I was faced with a corner. I wasn’t sure I wanted to tax my mind so much in one day, and it looked big enough that I could end it for a baby or infant. What the heck!


Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown


This afghan contains Skacel Simpliworsted, Artfibers Carezza, Patons North America Brilliant (3 colors), Sirdar Snuggly Baby Care DK, among a variety of other yarns of bulky weight, and lighter weight yarns combined to compose bulky weight yarn.

Fibers consist of most anything you can think: acrylic, nylon, wool, silk, polyester, bamboo, soy, cotton.

Stairway To Heaven


Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin

When I had originally begun this scarf, it was going to be a mish-mosh of yarn scraps, but as time progressed, it decided to make it uniform. The glitter is what led me to thinking about a stairway (chevrons) to heaven.

Stairway To Heaven


Dimensions: 43-inch (L) x 4-inch (W)

As you can see from the previous blog posts, this scarf has undergone several changes to make it to completion, and working on US size two needles, I am so happy to finally be done with this scarf.

The original pattern – Keeping Rosita Warm by Nadia Severns – called for stockinette; I changed to garter so my scarf would lay flat. I was please that the stitch pattern converted as well.

Stairway To Heaven


Darella (Discontinued)

Care: Hand wash in cold water with mild liquid soap. Do not rub or twist. Rinse several times in cold clear water. Do not wring. Dry flat away from heat.
Color: 101 (Black+) and 134 (Dark Fairy+)
Content: 40% Metallized Polyester, 60% Cupro Rayon
Weight: 0, Lace

Pretty glitter yarns. The black was a different ply and kept separating easier, which is not good. The dark fairy colorway knit better.

Stairway To Heaven

+ suggested color name, per Hooker Leo

Dark Lady

Having decided to make Stairway To Heaven my portable project, I started another shawl today, using the same yarn I used for You’ve Got Your Troubles.

I was liking it until i got the bright idea of trying to turn this triangle/heart-shaped shawl into a crescent-shaped shawl. I think I will stick to heart-shaped for ease of crochet. I just hate that point. Grr!

I was quite impressed with myself for starting this shawl in a tab fashion. I started the shawl from the side and began increasing two stitches every row on one side. Pretty soon I had an equilateral triangle and decided to go around the side and begin working back an forth.

Dark Lady - Detail
Dark Lady – Tab Start

Stairway To Heaven: Third Time’s The Charm

So “they” say. What you see in the associated post photo is my attempt to pronounce the colored yarn using a k-k-k-p sequence. I think I failed. The colored row appears recessed…to me.

I don’t remember what I had done previously, but I do know that I always started with black k-k; I don’t want to start with colored.

I just got it…start with set up k-k black row, then, working in pattern begin with k-k colored, followed by k-p black, recessed row…aha!

Or k-k-k-k sequence, but I really don’t want to do another sample.

Stairway To Heaven: Frogged

Relieved to frogged Stairway To Heaven, though alternating color rows does make more of a challenge.

So, now what? My first thought is garter on bigger needles, because size two was taking forever.

Another thing to consider…two different weights; one is finer than the other. Do I separate or work together? After making several scarfs from yarn remnants of different weights, having to guess due to no labels, I am hesitant to use two different weights together.

Too many questions; not enough answers.

I showed my mom, who is very familiar with fabrics. I asked her what she thought of the fabric of Stairway To Heaven before I frogged it; I was surprised to hear her say she thought it was fine. To me, it seemed a little rough. Go figure.

Stairway To Heaven: Hibernate

Stairway To Heaven has been put in hibernation until I can find out if I can block/melt the yarn made from metallized polyester and cupro rayon.

The Reason

I don’t like how that stockinette is curling. The scarf in the pattern picture was flat. It was also made from wool, which was able to be blocked.

If it turns out I can’t, I will frog it and re-knit with bigger needles.

You’ve Got Your Troubles

Started today after a stumble on the Stairway To Heaven, which has turned into a real pain in the ass, just like in real life. So, considering how easy Union of the Snake was, I decided to follow up with a quick crochet project for the next misstep on Stairway To Heaven.

That brings us to You’ve Got Your Troubles and a knitting dilemma/question:

Using my new WPI info I learned from the June El Segundo Slipt Stitchers guild, I wrapped an unknown yarn around a ruler for one inch and got 24! Yet, there is no 24 WPI yarn on Ravelry. Neither is if one of the yarn weights without a WPI number: light fingering, fingering, lace, or cobweb!

In my humble opinion the yarn pictured in the featured image is more similar to a sport or dk, but that is 12 and 14 WPI.