The Name

Help! by The Beatles

Random song title selection. Ironically, I did not need much, if any, help.

The Skully Tail

Dimensions: 9 (W) x 6.5 (H) inches
Destination: Charity

I improvised this design; I only hope the hole is not too big. I only missed two rounds of double crochet, otherwise standard crochet beanie design.

Interestingly, I discovered this hat has a name: Beanie Tail, but in my world Skully Tail.

The Yarn

Unknown Pink
Color: Baby Girl*; Content: Acrylic**; Weight: 4, Worsted***

* Assigned by Hooker Leo
** Presumed by Hooker Leo
*** Estimated by Hooker Leo

Across The Universe

The Name

Across The Universe by The Beatles

Another random song title that was playing at the commencement of authoring this post.

The Hat

Dimensions: 10.5 (W) x 7.5 (D) x 7.5 (H)

The Pattern

Itty Bitty Beach Bum Hat by Kiel Lemon

found it hard to believe designers 3.34-inch gauge with J; I used an H and was at about 3.5 inches. I suppose it really doesn’t matter; it will fit some head some where.

Such an adorable pattern to adapt to different styles…I’m already thinking of a red, furry one with a pink feather boa trim! Reminds me of a scarecrow hat.

Pattern simple, easy to follow; only took me about two hours straight crochet, which means about three hours…ha ha!

The Yarns

Unknown Black

Color: Gangsta*; Content: Acrylic**; Weight: 4, Worsted***

Unknown Green

Color: Scarecrow*; Content: Acrylic**; Weight: 4, Worsted***

* colors are whims of Hooker Leo
** Presumed acrylic; no burn test conducted
*** Presume yarn weights

Across The Universe



Strawberry Fields Forever Water Dragon Shoulder Wrap

The Name

Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles relates to the colorway of the yarn, Cascade Tangier Strawberry Patch, with honorable mention: Here Be Water Dragons by Quinton Lime.

The Shoulder Wrap

Finished Size: 110 (L) x 11 (D, at deepest point)
Price: USD $120.00, less 25% Friends/Family Discount

2018-08-14: removed from stock; kept

I think the repetitiveness of the pattern actually helped my tendonitis. I noticed – for the first time – my right knitting hand needle hitting my left hand middle knuckle on the purl, which kinda ouched! 🤕 It’s always something… 😆

I saw how the designer blocked to the curve. I chose to block straight because I hate pin-blocking. Once again, I demonstrate my own poor-boy blocking method:

I especially liked the ones with the wheelbarrow and dolly photo bomb…imaginations of my hunky farmer husband working out in the fields/barn while I knit, cook and clean at home. 😇

The Yarn

Cascade Tangier

Fiber Content: 46% Silk, 18% Cotton, 18% Acrylic, 18% Viscose
Yarn Color: 14 Strawberry Patch
Yarn Weight: 4, Worsted

Before I start this section, let me take a look at the pictures I captured…

The color/sheen seems gone after delicate hand-washing and sun-weight blocking. Of course the featured photo has been color enhanced; all other photos are only color corrected.

I suppose I am just too tired to be even typing right now…upon second review after color correction, the colors appear more muted in daylight than they probably would inside the warm ambiance of my orange room. The colorway just reminded me of the succulent that inspired me to purchase this colorway. Ha! I am even impressed with my styling, how the two angles juxtapose over the chest.

The Pattern

Here Be Water Dragons by Quinton Lime

As much as those p2tog tbls were a pain in the neck, I thought the designer took excellent notes for her pattern. I think I only found one thing that I might correct, but just did through my own experience, which seems to be increasing. I do have questions, though, about stitch choices.

Easy to follow. Repetitive. Quick knit.