Behind The Wall Of Sleep: off da hook

The Name

Behind The Wall Of Sleep by The Smithereens

My first choice was Deep Sleep, but that name had already been used this year. This was the second-most appropriate name in my music library, as when Mojo is inside and covered up, he is Behind The Wall Of Sleep.

Behind The Wall Of Sleep

The Sleeping Bag

Dimensions: approximately 28-inch Width x 25-inch Height

First of all I can’t believe how long it took…three days! Now that I see how long, It seems short. Oh well, so does the sleeping bag…thinking of crocheting a couple more inches.

I did notice during photography that my seem did not remain straight as I had suspected. Perhaps the use of a stitch marker at the beginning of each round might have helped. I seem to be experiencing early-stage dementia when it comes to crocheting in-the-round and ending a round.

Behind The Wall Of Sleep
R to L: Sleeping Bag: Old Insert, Old Shell, New Bag

The Yarn

Unknown Fibers, mostly man-made

I really liked working with four yarns plied together and playing with blending. Had I been more prepared, the project would have been more thought out in color. I started with that thickest yarn I had and tried matching ply manually throughout. There are about two rows where I got too thin, otherwise, I think I did a good job maintaining ply.

The best part: I got rid of a bunch of acrylic scraps I had collected.


I Want A Dog

The Name

I Want A Dog by Pet Shop Boys

Mojo told me I had to crochet for animal charity today.

The Pads

Dimensions (Small): 15 x 16 inches
Dimensions (Big): 14 x 18 inches

My animal charity choice: Hope For Paws. However, I had no idea what size to make. A call to Hope For Paws only sealed conformity as the business norm: no one to answer the phone, the voice mail message are way too long with a multitude of instructions, etc.

The Yarn

Unknown baby yarns donated to me by CSNanaCat.

Designer Notes

Both pads were crocheted in-the-round, in single crochet. The yarn is triple-stranded and I used an M hook.

The center-out design leaves too much room for positive ease, causing mis-shaping of the rectangle over time. Next time, I will work in rows for a firmer fabric. Still, I’ll have that curling crap to contend with…grrr!

I am a big fan of the color blends that occurred with the triple stranding.

I Want A Dog


The Name

Someday by The Strokes

Random selection from my music library. Actually, being a fan of connectivity, I could say that “someday” I was going to remember my in-the-round skills and yesterday was the day.


The Square

Another twelve-inch square for one of the El Segundo Slip Stitchers’ charities.

The Yarn

Mixed unknown fibers.

Designer Notes

This is the second square using (single crochet, chain, single crochet) in the corners versus 3 single crochet and the former alleviates fabric bias pinching. It is a bit trickier keeping stitch count even, but I have accommodated to the point where stitch markers are no longer needed. My project bag – accidentally double-named – is going to look FABULOUS!